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It’s your birthday, upcoming silver wedding anniversary or house warming. Let’s Celebrate.
There are so many reasons to hold a party. What type of celebration are you considering?
Why not cherish the birth of your child by bringing the family together for a Naming Ceremony. Sprinkle a little magic on the occasion by embracing a sand ceremony or butterfly release and bring your the celebration to life.
Think how significant your milestone-wedding anniversary becomes when you add ceremony and renew your wedding vows. Or, look outside the square and consider having me MC at your retirement party. Let’s make a splash and entwine ceremony with fun, mood and shared stories that people will talk about in the years to come.
Whatever your life event, why not celebrate and preserve a treasure chest of wonderful memories.

  • Milestone birthday
  • Naming ceremony
  • Renewal of vows
  • Milestone wedding anniversary
  • House warming
  • Business launch
  • Significant life achievement
    (award ceremony, university award)
  • Retirement party