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Hi – I’m Vicki from Symbolic Ceremonies and I would love to share your journey and help craft a ceremony that you will cherish in your hearts forever. Let’s start with a blank canvass and together we can work through the elements of your marriage ceremony, life event or funeral service and deliver a celebration that captures your love. Let’s bring your celebration to life through your voice and your unique characteristics. Maybe you are after a theme that will set the scene and define your special moment. Or, are you going for the big bang surprise birthday party affect. Some ceremonies need to capture the quiet, intimate side of love.

Think of the warmth that a small discreet marriage ceremony brings, surrounded by a select group of friends and loved ones. There is nothing more profound than being gifted the honor of helping a family who are experiencing profound grief. Crafting a ceremony that respectfully celebrates the life of a loved one is the most beautiful way to capture memories, define the meaning of your love and bring to life the essence of the person who you wish to remember in your hearts forever…………. Remember, It’s all about love. I look forward to hearing from you ….. soon !

I provide a wide range of services relating to weddings, celebrations and funerals. I believe in crafting every ceremony from scratch and creating a beautiful montage of stories that voices the meaning of your love. In doing so, I gift people a treasure chest of cherished memories.

Weddings: It is so exciting to be planning your marriage and I would love to help, guide and support you through every step of the process. Your ceremony can be whatever you want it to be….. why not, make your wedding day a vision of your ultimate fantasy.
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Celebrations: Whether it is a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary, life achievement or retirement. I welcome the opportunity to capture your celebration and create lasting memories.
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Funerals: As a Funeral Celebrant it is an honor to work with families who are experiencing profound grief. Through words, thoughts, memories, music and stories your loved ones life can be captured and expressed through ceremony …… remember, it’s all about love.
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Vow Creation: Sometimes you just need a little help bringing your words to life. I would be delighted to work with you and together we can define your love through carefully crafted vows. Then again, maybe all your looking for is a little guidance to finesse your own words. Let me help you find your voice
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MC: Seamless ceremonies and functions are an art form. To capture the magic of your event be sure to engage the expert skills of a competent and experienced master of ceremonies (MC). Whether its a wedding, milestone birthday or an upcoming conference, if it’s an MC you’re after, please contact me
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Symbolic Ceremonies Is Celebrating With You

Symbolic Ceremonies, offers you a personalised, crafted experience and unique celebration that shall be beyond anything you have wished for …. Therefore, If you are looking for a wedding celebrant in Victoria, that has the skill to memorialize your important day then make Symbolic Ceremonies your first choice when looking for a celebrant in Victoria.

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We Offer A Personalised Ceremony That Reflects Your Tastes and Fantasies

Symbolic Ceremonies help you design a wedding ceremony that is fully personalised to reflect your unique needs and organized so every moment speaks with your special brand of magic. Vicki’s aim is to always to deliver a ceremony full of love, fun, laughter, and positive experiences. While ensuring that you and your guests are relaxed and enjoying your time from start to finish.

Because every relationship is unique, at Symbolic Ceremonies, we believe every ceremony should be unique too. Whether you are organizing a wedding ceremony or a funeral in Victoria, it should reflect who you are and shine a bright light on the relationships that it is honouring. It should reflect and celebrate the things you love about each other so that the ceremony embraces only your voices and no one else’s.

Do You Know How To Bring to Life the Right Atmosphere that speaks you?

Do you know how to bring to life the right atmosphere right from the start? At Symbolic Ceremonies we sure do! And our secret? It is to make your marriage ceremony in Victoria all about you and that special someone. Whatever it is that you desire for your ceremony, here at Symbolic Ceremonies, we can make it happen and have been known too as a celebrant in Bendigo – we will go to the moon and back to make sure it happens for you. We live to impress our clients and always aim to be the best at it!

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